“In November I suffered an extremely painful back injury. I tried physical therapy, however, it aggravated my back so I had to stop the therapy. Due to inactivity from the pain, I ended up with a large blood clot in my right lung. I was referred to Heartfelt Acupuncture by an acquaintance to see if I could get relief from the pain. At that point in time I was desperate for any kind of relief. Francoise was very honest with me and told me it would probably take 4-5 visits before I would see much relief. When I started acupuncture I had a hard time standing up straight after sitting down. The acupuncture relieved the pain so I could stand up straight and it also made it easier for me to walk. I went for several months and over that time frame, I saw many improvements in my mobility. I highly recommend acupuncture for chronic pain.” – S. Nelson

“After experiencing muscle pain in my left shoulder that could not be remedied by a chiropractor or my primary doctor, I visited Dr. Villedrouin for acupuncture. After several sessions, I experienced relief from my pain and increased range of motion. Dr. Villedrouin’s holistic approach included medicated patches to use between sessions to encourage my muscles to relax and to relieve pain. She also educated me on my muscles, muscle groups, and how to properly stretch them in order to get my whole body working properly again so that the muscle pain would not return after treatment. Her bedside manner was wonderful; she listened to my concerns, explained treatment options, and was very in-tune with what I needed in order to get the most out of treatment. More than a year later, my pain has still not returned and I am able to continue my very active lifestyle.” – Larry M.

“Every June and July, or what is known as hay season where I live, my allergies kick in and I experience itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and fatigue. This year, Dr. V. Treated me three times and I have to say, this has been the easiest season, in terms of symptom relief, that I have had in many years. The needles in my face are not my favorite activity, but the discomfort is short lived and the calm buzz takes over quickly. Thank you so much.” – Toni F.

“I am a patient who has been suffering with severe psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis for 27 years; my cervical spine is completely fused by the disease.  I’ve been trying treatments including months of physical therapy and years of trigger point injections.  Dr. Françoise blew them all out of the water!  My endurance and functionality is at it’s best in several years!  I am comfortable saying that she has life-saving skills in her craft.” – Hassan M.  

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